ZC2818A High precision LCR digital bridge 300 KHZ
ZC2816A ZC2816A precision LCR bridge
Measurement accuracy of 0.05 (%) measurement frequency 200k (Hz)
Measure the speed of 32 ms
Measure the signal level 10 MVRMS ~ 2.00 Vrms to 10mv step by step
ZC2829 ZC2829 precision LCR digital bridge 20 hz - 500 KHZ
Top test frequency of 500 KHZ, resolution of 10 MHZ;
Wide range of signal amplitude of 5 mv - 2 VRMS, 1 mv resolution;
Four kinds of signal source output impedance;
List of scanning test functions;
ZC2817A ZC2817A L/Q,C/D,R/Q,Z/Q,Z/D 100Hz-100kHz
ZC2819 ZC2819 Z,C,L.X,B,R,G,D,Q,θ 20Hz-150KHz
ZC2817DX 50 hz ~ 100 KHZ, 10 typical test frequency (ZC2817DX); RS232C (standard), the HANDLER (option)
0.1 V, 0.3 V, 1.0 V three typical test level
ZC2617D ZC2617D/ZC2618D capacitance measuring instrument 100Hz~1KHz
ZC2810D ZC2810D/ZC2810, LCR digibridge, electronic bridge, LCR meter, inductance capcitance meter; 100 hz ~ 100 KHZ, four typical test frequency
0.1 V, 0.3 V, 1.0 V three typical test level
ZC2810B Measured signal frequency 100 hz and 100 hz,
1 KHZ, 10 KHZ,
Measure the signal level 0.1 Vrms, 0.3 Vrms, 1.0 Vrms ; Optional RS - 232C communication interface
Optional RS232C operating software
ZC2773D ZC2773D inductance tester, inductance meter Measured signal frequency 100 hz and 100 hz,
1 KHZ, 10 KHZ,
Measure the signal level 0.1 Vrms, 0.3 Vrms, 1.0 Vrms
ZC4822 ZC4822 transistor characteristics Tracer Maximum set electronic scanning voltage of 500v, maximum current 2a
ZC7131X Programmable ac/dc withstand voltage tester 8-way scanning ac/dc test  hipot tester
ZC4116 ZCTEK ZC4116 high-precision distortion distortion distortion test instrument
ZC4121A ZC4121A signal distortion tester 100mV-300V, Distortion measurement range 100% to 0.01%
ZC4135 Digital high precision distortion tester
ZC4136 Digital high precision distortion tester. Minimum 0.005% distortion measurement, signal distortion measurement frequency up to 110 KHZ
ZC2780 ZC2780 Buzzer tester, piezoelectric buzzer parameter tester 0.20kHz ~20.00KHz
ZC7305C ZC7305C grounding resistance tester
ZC1681BA Instrument for testing the life of the piezoelectric ceramic speaker。Test signal MPS signals, the simulation program, sine wave, square wave, white noise, pink noise
ZC1682B ZCTEK ZC1681B multi-channel loudspeaker reliability test apparatus The speaker tester
ZC6062 ZC6062 electret microphone tester with sound and light alarm indicator;  Measure the electret microphone at 100 hz, 1 KHZ, 5 KHZ, the sensitivity of frequency point
ZC6061 ZC6061 electret microphone tester with sound and light alarm indicator; - 26 ~ - 70 db (0 db = 1 v/Pa)
Four gear range: - 30 db, and 40 db - 50 db, 60 db
ZC6012 ZC6012 multi-channel power amplifier Multi-channel loudspeaker power amplifier
ZC6221 ZCTEK ZC6221 noise signal generator/filter the speaker power tester; Measuring the speaker many acoustic components, such as noise power, long-term maximum power, short-term parameters such as maximum power.
ZC2893A ZCTEK ZC2893A speaker impedance tester The speaker impedance tester
ZC1681BD ZC1681BD speaker power and life test system. Test channels: single 20 road (15 w/road) or a single 10 road (30 w/road); 8 Ohm load.
ZC7112D ZC7112D/ZC7122D type ac, dc withstand voltage insulation tester. AC: 0-5000v, 0-12ma, resolution of 10v hipot tester
ZC1220 ZC1220 digital balance/frequency sweep tester audio sweeper. 20 hz - 20 KHZ frequency sweep signal range freely choose 15 digital equalization processing digital spectrum.
ZC7263 ZC7263 / ZC7263A ac/dc voltage insulation resistance tester; Maximum leakage current test range of 30mA hipot tester
ZC1316-20/40/60/100 Audio frequency sweep signal generator; Frequency sweep range can be more than the latter, the output power maximum 200 w
ET3340 ET3340 40MHz two-channel arbitrary waveform function generator oscilloscope
ET3325A Arbitrary waveform function generator ET3325A 25MHz two-channel function signal generator oscilloscope
ETX-2025 Process Calibrator ETX-2025 0-50V multifunction calibrator current and voltage calibrator
ET3250A Precision Digital Multimeter ET3250A 5 1/2 resolution digital multimeter
ETX-1814 Thermocouple Calibrator ETX-1814 multifunction temperature calibrator 0.05% Thermocouple Simulator Calibrator
CS - 200 CS - 200 precision chromatic meter color analyzer
CS - 210 CS - 210 precision chromatic meter
CS - 610A CS - 610A, light color measurement instrument chromatic meter colorimetric instrument China first
P6015A P6015A oscilloscope high voltage test probe
A622 A622 current probes
TCP303 Tektronix TCP303 new Tektronix oscilloscope current probe
TDP1000 Tektronix TDP1000 high pressure differential probe