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Model name

・A8N – A50N-1 – General-use type
・A20N – A50N-2 – High performance type
・A40N – A75N-11 – Large capacity type


For industrial gas combustion equipment.

・Has a large capacity for the diameters that maintains accurate performance in a wide range of flow rates.
・Ensures stable fuel control because the second pressure supplied to the device or equipment is kept constant even as the operating flow changes.
・Built-in single soft sheet touch and balance diaphragm prevent leak to the secondary side when flow rate is zero. The pressure in the secondary side rarely changes even when the pressure in the primary side changes.
(Note: Some models do not have a balanced diaphragm.)
・Type 2 has better control with a larger main diaphragm than those of Type 1. Type 11 has larger valves to support larger capacity.


・Pressure in the primary side P1 = 1 to 50 kPa
・Pressure in the secondary side P2 = 0.5 to 30 kPa
・Diameter = 1/4 to 3B (8 to 80 A)

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