D-1000-T Thickness Gauge Hans schmidt Vietnam, Thickness Gauge D-1000-T Hans schmidt, Thiết bị đo độ dày D-1000, Đại lý hans schmidt Vietnam.

Hans schmidt Vietnam. Nhà cung cấp Anh Nghi Sơn - ANS Viet Nam.

Cung cấp tất cả máy móc, thiết bị của Hans schmidt Vietnam.

Measuring range up to 10, 25 or 50 mm
Resolution 0.01 / 0.001 mm

Thickness Gauge to determine the material thickness of all kinds of fabrics. With these instruments the most popular checking methods can be applied for textiles, felt, geomaterials, floor coverings, leather, foils, rubber etc.


Special Features

Precise measuring setup
Rigid housing frame
Thickness gauge D-1000 are working according international standards. They measure with highest accuracy.
The instruments are mainly designed for laboratory use
Different measuring feelers and additional weights are available depending on the application area and test standard; on request different standards can be combined in one instrument
The standard measuring range is 0 – 10 mm; 0 – 25 mm and 25 – 50 mm are optional available
The resolution is 0.01 mm; as an option 0.001 mm is available
Thickness gauge D-1000 with USB (optional RS-232) interface
The feeler is move up and down using a mechanical by hand-wheel
Measuring depth 95 mm (centre of the stamp)

Standard Features

Thickness gauge D-1000 with LCD display – switchable measuring units mm / inch
Battery operation (optional AC adapter)
The instrument is easy to use
Calibration report for free, DAkkS inspection certificate optional

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