DM70 - Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter DM70

Vaisala. Nhà cung cấp Anh Nghi Sơn - ANS Viet Nam

Cung cấp tất cả máy móc, thiết bị của Vaisala


Designed for industrial spotchecking and feld calibration
Three models: accurate measurement ranges from -60 to +60 °C (-76 ... +140 °F)
Vaisala DRYCAP Sensor with unique autocalibration function
Sensor withstands condensation
Data can be logged and transferred to a PC via MI70 Link software
Traceable calibration (certifcate included)
Fast response, enhanced by Sensor Purge option
DMP74A, DMP74B, DMP74C Probe

Liên hệ: Nguyễn Chí Hải

Sdt: 0398991575

Gmail: hai@ansgroup.asia