Level Transmitter 441.9955.1364.24.U, 441.9955.1364.24.U Level Transmitter STS sensor Vietnam, Cảm biến đo mực nước 441.9955.1364.24.U, Đại lý STS sensor Vietnam.

STS sensor Vietnam​. Nhà cung cấp Anh Nghi Sơn - ANS Viet Nam.

Cung cấp tất cả máy móc, thiết bị của STS sensor Vietnam​.

Cảm biến đo mực nước

441.9955.1364.24.U thay thế cho 441.9555.1364.34U
Type: Level Transmitter: PTM_N_RS485
Power supply: 9-30VDC
Pressure Range: 70mH2O
Cable length: 80m

Junction box

Model: BC-AG-6P13
Type: 6 Terminal AG-6P13
Dimension: 55(W)*91(L)*43(H)mm
Plastic material ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene Stryrene)
Color: Grey
Option terminal block: 94-V-O
Wire size: 0.75mm sq - 1.5mm sq
Voltage: 400V
Protect: IP66/67

Part No.: ART01515
PE cable, black; Note: 560meter for 7 pcs

Code: 441.1055.1364.24.U
Type: PTM/N/RS485
Level Transmitter
Firmware                            V112
Pressure type                     Gauge
Pressure range                  0 ... 10 bar
Overpressure                    30 bar
Version                               closed version
Electrical connection       PE cable
Cable length [m]               110
Output signal                     RS485 with surge protection
Supply voltage                  9 ... 30 V DC
Con. config. Analogue     +Vin: white, Pout: brown, GND:yellow
Con. config. RS485          +RS485: green, -RS485: grey
Accuracy                           <± 0.1 % FS (linearity/hysteresis/repeatab.)
Temperature range          -10 ... 50°C comp. (medium temp. -5 ... 50°C)
Seals                                    Viton
Medium                              Not specified by customer
(PTM/N/RS485 sensor with 110m cable : PTM/N/RS485 - 44 - 1 - 10 -55 - 13 - 62 - 2 - 4)
STS Vietnam Junction box: HART034
STS Sensor Vietnam Sensor
Model: ATM/N24-1-60mH20-55-13-05-2-4
Unit weight: 0.1kgs
STS Sensor Vietnam Cable
Note: Quantity: 80m for each sensor, 7 pcs total 560m
The weight for 80m: 5kgs
STS Sensor Vietnam Junction box: HART034
Unit weight: 0.5kgs
Note: VART19:  Không có code này trong list sản phẩm của STS Sensor.
STS Sensor chỉ có code: Junction box: HART034
(Junction box
Model: VART19) 

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