List Code Sẵn giá sẵn kho ANS :

Balluff Vietnam BES01WF
BES R01ZC-PSC70B-BP00.3-GS49 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES0180
BES 516-300-S166-S49 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES00HC
BES 516-3005-G-E4-C-S49-00,3 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES01H6
BES 516-356-S4-C Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES00KR
BES 516-3021-G-E4-C-PU-02 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES03P6
BES M08MI-POC15B-S49G Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES01PY
BES M12MD-PSC80F-S04G Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES01TH
BES Q08ZC-POC30B-S49G Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES00PK
BES 516-325-E5-C-S4 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES01CW
BES 516-326-S4-C Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES03Y8
BES Q08MEC-PSC20B-S49G Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BCC0718
BCC M415-0000-2B-R01 Terminating Resistors
BCC00Y8 (BKS-S105-R01) is obsolete
Balluff Vietnam BCC02NW
BCC M313-0000-10-001-VX8334-050 Single-Ended Cordsets
Balluff Vietnam BCS00NA
BCS M30BBI2-PSC15D-S04K Capacitive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BOS019M
BOS Q08M-X-LS20-00,2-S49 Photoelectric Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BOS0197
BOS Q08M-PS-LE20-00,2-S49 Photoelectric Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BMF0043
BMF 303K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S49-00,3 Magnetic Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BMF001P
BMF 103K-PS-C-2A-SA7-S49-00,3 Magnetic Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BFB0004
BFB 75K-001-P-S75 Photoelectric Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BOS0128
BOS 5K-PS-RD11-S75 Photoelectric Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BOS01Y4
BOS Q08M-PS-KE21-S49 Photoelectric Sensors
BOS00YF (BOS Q08M-PS-KE20-S49) is obsolete
Balluff Vietnam BOS018K
BOS Q08M-X-LS20-S49 Photoelectric Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BOS0199
BOS Q08M-PS-LE20-S49 Photoelectric Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BAM0331
BAM RF-XO-026-S012/40-PM-AS Reflectors, Fibers, Optics
BAM00W0 (BOS R-26) is obsolete
Balluff Vietnam BUS0026
BUS M18M1-XA-02/015-S92G Ultrasonic Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BIS009A
BIS C-6002-019-650-03-ST11 LF processor units (70/455 kHz)
Balluff Vietnam BTL0R12 
BTL5-T120-M0500-B-S103 Magnetostrictive Sensors 
NSD Vietnam Model: GPS-C01-10
Sensor Extension cable
Systech Model: NDS-5016RM
  (16 RJ-45 serial ports - each individually software selectable to RS-232, 422 or 485 / 1U 19" rackmountable metal enclosure / 1 10/100 LAN port / 3 port 10/100 switch/ IP router)
Systech Model: PSA25LS-033
Baumuller Reparaturwerk Vietnam As serial no 316025161
IMO Vietnam Code: MB09-P-01=24 
MINI CONTACTOR ; The product is made to order 
IMO Vietnam Code: MB09-P-01=24 
MINI CONTACTOR ; The product is made to order
Vaisala Vietnam Code: DMT152 A1DCE1XA33EA1X
Low Dewpoint Transmitter
Hans Schmidt Vietnam Model: DHT-3
Textil Moisture Meter; Consisting of basic type DHT with digital display, measuring cable 50400M, electrode holder 50404M, needle electrodes 50414M and 50418M
Hans Schmidt Vietnam Model: HPSA
Shore A for soft rubber, elastomers, natural rubber, soft PVC, leather etc
MTS Sensor  Code: RHM0050MD701S2B6101
Temposonics® R-Series
Eltra Vietnam Replaced: EH50FA1024Z5/30L8X6PR
Incremental encoder
Gefran Vietnam Model: ME2-6-H-B35D-1-5-D
Melt - High temperature
Vaisala Vietnam Dewpoint & Temperature Transmitter
code: DMT340 8W0B1A1CEA5A011A1AAB0A0
Transmitter Type: Code 8 ; Probe Cable Length: Probe 5m
Vaisala Vietnam Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Code: HMT330 7S0A001BCAE200A0AACBCA1
Transmitter Type: HMT337 for high humidities
Balluff Vietnam BTL15NH
BTL7-E501-M0150-P-S32 Magnetostrictive Sensors
BOS00NA (BTL5-E10-M0150-P-S32) is obsolete
Giovenzana International B.V. Vietnam Model: P0120526S
Giovenzana International B.V. Vietnam Model: PPRN8NL/O
Giovenzana International B.V. Vietnam Model: PPRN5NL/I
Giovenzana International B.V. Vietnam Model: PL004001
Giovenzana International B.V. Vietnam Model: PL004002
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HMT360 5A22BCH1B2BJ5A3D
Transmitter Unit for HMP360 Series Probes
Transmitter type: HMT365 for high temperatures
Woonyoung Vietnam Model: WYFS06 TD
Noise filter
Woonyoung Vietnam Model: WY3CS-263
(200/5A, 15VA, 1.0CL) Current transformer
Woonyoung Vietnam Model: WYCR-30
(200/5A, 5VA, 1.0CL) Current transformer
Woonyoung Vietnam Model: WY3CS-313
(400/5A, 15VA, 1.0CL) Current transformer
Woonyoung Vietnam Model: WY3CS-463
(800/5A, 15VA, 1.0CL) Current transformer
Woonyoung Vietnam Model: WYCS-85
(1000/A, 15VA, 1.0CL) Current transformer
Woonyoung Vietnam Model: WYCR-60
(1000/5A, 15VA, 1.0CL) Current transformer
Kins Vietnam Model: SS-4062 (T)-100mm-(0-100 degrees)
Temp. Gauge ; Connection : NPT1/2; Stem : 6.4Φ * 170mm (316)
Kins Vietnam Model: SS-3031-100mm-(0-0.3Mpa)
Diaphragm Pressure Gauge ; Connection : NPT1/2
Kins Vietnam Model: SS-5042W-PT100 * Single-B
Temp. Sensor; U-Length: 6.4Φ * 345mm (316); Connection: NPT1/2
Kins Vietnam Model: SS-5094A-ANSI 150# 1/2B FF(316)
Thermo Well (Endclose Type) ; Flange : ANSI 150# 1/2B FF(316)
U-Length : 15Φ * 320mm (316) ; Connection : NPT1/2
Zielh-Abegg Vietnam Article number: 154279/01
Type: FN063-SDL.4I.A7P1
Designation ; Axial fan with sickle blades
Rated values 3~400V±10% D/Y 50Hz P  630/440W
(replace for FE fan)
Metrix Vietnam IPT Seismic Vibration Transmitter ST 5484E-121-1182-00
Full Scale Range - 1.0 ips (25.4mm/SEC), pk
Mounting Stud - INTEGRAL 1/2" NPT STUD MOUNT, 316 SST
Hazard Rating - ATEX/IECEx/KOSHA, Ex d IIC, T4 Gb (includes 8200-000-IEC elbow)
Connection -  4-20mA, 2 Pin Terminal Block (Transmitter Only)
High Pass Filter - No Filter (2 Hz), Standard
Low Pass Filter - No Filter (1500 Hz), Standard
Metrix Vietnam AC 91104-022
Reducer, 1”NPT(M) - M20 X 1.5(F), used with ST5484E CSA & IEC/ATEX explosion proof
Metrix Vietnam SW 450DR-2022-0200
Electronic Switch, double relay, analog output, CSA, Class 1, Div 1, Grps B-D, painted finish; Dual Trip/Analog Signal Output
Analog Signal Output - 4-20 mA, absolute; Scale -  .1 to 1.5 in/sec
Shutdown and Alarm Circuit - 170 mA, 250 V, SPST
Enclosure - Standard, CSA, Class I, Div 2, Grps B-D* (440)
Input Power - 24 VDC; Lockout Function - None
Transducer - Internal transducer
SICK Vietnam Code: 1016931
SICK Vietnam Code: 1023668
Description: DME5000-112
SICK Vietnam Code: 4019634
Description:Flow sensor for connection to an evaluation unit
SICK Vietnam Code: 2027721
SICK Vietnam Code: 1037235
SICK Vietnam Code: 1052513
Description:A3M60B-S4P Sales Kit 03
SICK Vietnam Code: 6025726
SICK Vietnam Code: 6021353
SICK Vietnam Code: 6021354
SICK Vietnam Code: 6021156
Phoenix Contact Vietnam Code: 1507777
SACC-M12FSB-5CON-PG9 SH AU Bus system connector
Gefran Vietnam Replaced by: WPP -A-A-0300-E 0000X000X00X0XX
(MK4-A-A-0300-E 0000X000X00X0XX) Position Sensors
Gefran Vietnam Replaced by: WPP -A-A-0130-E 0000X000X00X0XX
(MK4-A-A-0130-E 0000X000X00X0XX) Position Sensors
Gefran Vietnam Model: 2301-SI-0-2R-1
Pressure Controller (Bộ hiển thị điều khiển áp suất)
Gefran Vietnam Model: PMA-12-F-0200-X
Position Sensor
Tempsens Viet Nam Code: FEVERSENSE BASIC
Model Desc : Medium Resolution Long Wavelength
E2S Vietnam Model: D1xC1X05FAC230BN1A1R/R
Alarm Horn & Xenon Strobe 
E2S Vietnam Model: SP65-0001-A4
Pole Mount Bracket Kit 2" St/St A4 (316)
ADFweb Vietnam Code: HD67507-B2
Description : Converter
MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: RHM1450MR021A01
Temposonics® R-Series
MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: RFC01200MP021S1G1100
Temposonics® R-Series
Vaisala Vietnam Model: HMT330 4J0B101BCAM100A0AAFBAA1
Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Electro-Sensor P/N: 800-078722
TR400 RELAY 4-20 10-30 VDC 

Finetek Vietnam  Model: FDBFN4S342590C

Finetek Vietnam  Model: SE141BGMB0350

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