Item Code Brand Vietnam
Hygienic Pressure gauge TP300 + HYGIENIC SEAL PCI Instruments Vietnam, PCI Instruments ANS Vietnam, ANS Vietnam
All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge TP300 ( Tetropress 300 )  
Full Safety Pattern Gauge TP400 ( Tetropress 400 )  
Phenolic Case Pressure Gauge PH100  
Mini Hygienic Pressure Gauge MT100 ( Microtube 100 )  
Square Profile Pressure Gauge SQ100  
Boiler Gauge sizes 12" (300mm), 10" (250mm) and 8" (200mm)
Low Pressure Standard Capsule Gauges AX200 (Aximax 200)  
Low Pressure All St/St Capsule Gauges AX300 (Aximax 300)  
Schaeffer Type Pressure Gauge SC100  
Low Vacuum Absolute Pressure Gauge AB100 (Abpress 100)  
Gauge with Built-in Pressure Transmitter TR100 (Transpress 100)  
Gauge with Separate Pressure Transmitter TR200 (Transpress 200)  
Test Gauge 0.25% acc EP100 (Express 100)  
Test Gauge 0.1% acc EP200 (Express 200)  
All Stainless Steel Differential Pressure Gauge Double Bourdon BP100 (Bipress 100)  
Differential Pressure Gauge Capsule Type BP300 (Bipress 300)  
Differential Pressure Gauge Diaphragm Type BP400 (Bipress 400)  
Micro Switch for Gauge TP300 + ZH  
Contact Switch Pressure Gauge TP300 + Mxx  
Grout Gauge GG100  
Pressure gauge fitted with min / max drag pointer TP300 + MAX POINTER  
Combined Pressure and Temperature Gauge CPT (Case sizes 63mm, 80mm)
Digital Pressure Gauge KDM30  
Fit and fill service for diaphragm seals WK  
Flanged Diaphragm Seals FS  
Flanged Seals Extended Type FSE  
Pancake Seals CELL  
Low Pressure Chemical Seal with Internal Diaphragm OPTIMUS  
Slip On Flanged Seal SOF  
Tri Clamp Hygienic Diaphragm Seal TRI CLAMP  
Varivent Hygienic Diaphragm Seal VARIVENT  
Din Female Hygienic Diaphragm Seal DIN  
Sms Female Hygienic Diaphragm Seal SMS  
Idf Female Hygienic Diaphragm Seal IDF  
Rjt Female Hygienic Diaphragm Seal RJT  
Din Male Hygienic Diaphragm Seal DIN MALE  
Sms Male Hygienic Diaphragm Seal SMS MALE  
Homogeniser seals for use on homogeniser pumps C1-C7  
Pulp and Paper Seal PAP  
Tank Spud Diaphragm Seal TS  
Plug Seals P2 (material sts AISI316)  
Flanged Seal with Internal Diaphragm BFS (material AISI316)  
Bolted Chemical Seal BCS (material AISI316)  
PTFE Bolted Chemical Seal BCS PTFE  
All Welded Chemical Seal 2W  
Bolted Chemical Seal TE1000B  
Hygienic Inline Seals IL  
High Pressure Seal P2W  
Bellows Seal BELLOWS  
Pressure Transmitter PCI280  
Pressure Transmitter with Cooling Tower PCI3860  
Plug On Display POD  
Temperature Transmitter T30  
In Head Temperature Transmitter UP100  
In Head Temperature Transmitter with HART UP200  
Transpress 300 TR300  
Digital Thermometer LYNXARC  
Industrial Gas Expansion Type Temperature Gauge TT200 ( Tetrotemp 200 )  
Bimetal Type Temperature Gauge TT100 ( Tetrotemp 100 )  
Square Profile Gas Expansion Temperature Gauge SQT100  
Anti-Vibrating Type Temperature Gauge VT100  
Thermometer with Rectangular Aluminium Case V110  
Low Cost Back Entry Thermometer ANTARES BT63  
Process Connections for Thermometers and RTD's TC  
RTD (Resistance Thermometer Detector) with PT100 sensor RT100  
RTD Pipe Clamp Type RT200  
RTD Pipe Clamp Type RT300  
RTD with inline PT100 sensor RT100 INLINE  
Terminal Head with LED Display RTD PT100 LED DISPLAY  
General Purpose PT100 Probes PT100 PROBE  
Thermo-Sensor Insert for RTD or Thermocouple TTS81  
Ceramic Thermo-Sensor Insert for Thermocouple E/J/K/N TTS82  
Ceramic Thermo-Sensor Insert with thermocouple S/R/B TTS83  
Thermocouple & RTD Assembly without Thermowell TCTL  
Thermocouple & RTD Assembly with Thermowell from pipe TCTT  
Thermocouple & RTD Assembly with Barstock Thermowell TCTB  
Thermocouple & RTD Assembly with Thermowell and high response speed TCT821  
Thermocouple & RTD Assembly with stepped end, high response speed TCT822  
Thermocouple & RTD Assembly for Surface Measurement Type TCT870  
Thermocouple for High Temperature up to 1200ºC TTS840  
Thermocouple for High Temperature with ceramic thermowell up to 1600ºC TTS841  
Thermowells TW  
Stainless Steel Circular Chart Recorder CR90  
Stainless Steel Case Chart Recorder CR100  
Pelican Case Chart Recorder PCR100  
Capsule Type Pressure Switch TETROSWITCH CS  
Diaphragm Type Pressure Switch TETROSWITCH MS1  
Low Range Pressure Switch TETROSWITCH MS2  
Bourdon Tube Type Pressure Switch TETROSWITCH BS  
Needle Valve NNV4, NRPV, NGSV  
Tank Contents Gauge TK100 (TANKPRESS 100)  
Tank Contents Gauge TK100 (TANKPRESS 100)  
4-20mA Transmitter for Tank Contents Gauge TX100  
Level Probes HLP250  
Conductive Level Sensor CLS100  


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