Fensor Vietnam Handheld Analyser for O2/CO2 measurement in headspace EasyCheckTWO
  • Range O2: 0-100%
  • Range CO2: 0-100%
  • Range N2: 0-100% by calculation
  • Measuring principle: electrochemical cell / infrared sensor (NDIR)
  • The supply includes the cases with all accessories and datalogger software
Fullohm Vietnam Replaced by: FBU50 015-4
  (FBU015-4S is obsollete) Braking Unit
Fullohm Vietnam Model: MCRF-ST3.6K (40Ω,3600W)
Fullohm Vietnam Model: MCRF-150 (700Ω,150W)
Fullohm Vietnam Model: MCRF-500 (110Ω,500W)
ARCA Vietnam Model: 8C1-P1
  Body: -Size: DN 20 ; -Pressure rating: PN40 ;
  -Connection: form EN B1 ; -Material: 1.0619
  -Plug material: 1.4571;-Seat material: 1.4571 ; -Characteristic: L
  -Kvs selected: m3/h 1,6; -Leakage Class: IV
  -Type: std. ; -Packing: Carbon/INCONEL ; Flow direction: FTO
  Actuator: -Air failure pos.: AFC
  -Shut-off pressure: barG 10; -Model code: MFI-20.3-O
  Handwheel: w/o
Flowline Vietnam Model: LU29-01
  EchoSonic II Ultrasonic 10m,2"PVDF,NPT,w/FOB,cFMus
Air Torque Vietnam Model: SC00060-6UF05F0714AZ
Air Torque Vietnam Model: SC00450-6UF10F1227AZ
Air Torque Vietnam Model: SC01200-6UF1436AZ
WERMA Vietnam Code: 738.100.68
  Ex Double Flash Beacon 230VAC RD
ASCO Vietnam Code: 88100917
  Supply rail with isolation valves 1/4'
Det-Tronics Vietnam Replaced by: 30-0013
  (30-3003) Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector
  Includes 0-20 mA output, LED and Alarm, Auxiliary and Fault relays. Aluminum Junction Box. IP44. FM (Class 1 Div 1 & 2) and IECEx approved
Festo Vietnam Model: DGC-63-1500-G-PPV-A
  Linear Drive