Đại lý phân phối chính thức Hãng HMS/Anybus tại Việt Nam - HMS Vietnam - ANS Vietnam - Đại lý HMS Anybus


* Cam kết :

  • Hàng mới 100%, nhập khẩu trực tiếp từ Sweden
  • Bảo hành 12 tháng theo quy định của NSX
  • Đầy đủ giấy tờ xuất xứ (CO, CQ, CW)
  • Hỗ trợ giao hàng trên toàn quốc miễn phí.

List Code :

Crydom Vietnam D06D60 Relays

HMS/Anybus Vietnam Model: AB7694-F

HMS/Anybus Vietnam Model: AB7961-F

Bernstein Vietnam 6310442534 MAK-4214-P-1(P) Switches

Bernstein Vietnam SCR4-W22-3.5-D 6075111009

Kritec Vietnam W54-M270

Model: CU1SB024F06RNN1BN

Beacon Sounder Combination Unit, IP66 & IP67, Material: GRP,

Certification: ATEX approved, Ex II 2G, Ex de IIB T4, Voltage: 24VDC, Tube Energy: 5 Joule (24VDC Only), Flash Rate: 60FPM, Lens Colour: Red, Labels: None, Options: None, Cable; Entries: 1 x M20, Finish: Natural Black

Model: BG3W1NBR

MEDC Vietnam Model: BG2EDC2FR Breakglass Call Point

MEDC Vietnam SM87PBLSD3B3ROYHY Pushbutton Latching Call Point

MEDC Vietnam SM87PBLSD3B3ROYHB Pushbutton Latching Call Point

Mecmesin Vietnam QC-T60 Closure Torque Tester

Dwyer Vietnam 2000-60PA Magnehelic Gauge; Range: 0 to 60 pascals

Commonwealth Vietnam FP-108EX-S1-S 

TYCO Vietnam Product no.: 516.600.202

601PH-M High performance smoke detector, Marine

TYCO Vietnam Product no.: 516.054.011.Y

MR601TEX Enhanced optical smoke detector, intrinsically safe

TYCO Vietnam Product no.: 516.600.203

601HR-M Rate of Rise heat detector, Marine

Meanwell Vietnam Model: MDR-60-24 Bộ nguồn

Metrix Vietnam MW 5550-121-210 Mechanical Vibration Switch

KTR Systems Vietnam KTR Rotex 48 spider 92 Sh-A(T-Pur)

Staubli Vietnam CBI06.7151/IA/JV Closing Nipple

Balluff Vietnam BES004P BES M12MG-USC30B-BP03 Inductive Sensors

Bernstein Vietnam MAK-4214-P-1

Balluff Vietnam BES01ZW - BES M08MI-PSC40B-S49G


Vaisala Vietnam HMD60T Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire

Vaisala Vietnam HMD60U Humidity Transmitter, 2-wire

Vaisala Vietnam HMW92 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire

Vaisala Vietnam HMT120KB0A1F12A2C0Z Humidity + Temperature Transmitter

Vaisala Vietnam HMW88TD Dew point and Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire

Endress+Hauser Vietnam PMC71-ACA1SBRDAAA

Eletta Vietnam Flowmeter M325-G20BR

Eletta Vietnam Flowmeter M325-G20BR

Wingel Instrument Vietnam Model: VSS-2FA-S1-L400-FS45-0 VERTICAL FLOAT LEVEL SWITCH SN: 003963

SAMSON Vietnam Var-ID: 1606914 Accessries 4708

SAMSON Vietnam Var-ID: 1091793 Pneumatic actuator 3277

Balluff Vietnam BES004P BES M12MG-USC30B-BP03 Inductive Sensors

Anritsu Vietnam Model: HD-1200E THERMOMETER

SAMSON VietnamVar-ID: 3967456

e/p position controller 3730

Type 3730-0 with DIP switches, 4 ... 20 mA; Hardware version GI 03

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RHM0280MD701S2B8100

Temposonics® R-Series; Stroke length: 280mm

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RHM0380MD701S2B8100

Temposonics® R-Series; Stroke length: 380mm

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RPS0800MR101A02

position sensor; Stroke length: 800 mm

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RHM0100MR10AA02

position sensor; Stroke length: 100 mm

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: ESM303-220V (ESM303 - 220 V)

Motorized Tension

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: M7-012

Force gauge

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: M2-2

Force gauge

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: G1008

Film & Paper Grips

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: G1015-1

Film and paper grip

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: G1015-2

Film and paper grip

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: G1015-3

Film and paper grip

Vaisala Vietnam

Part no: TMW92

Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire

Vaisala Vietnam

Part no: HMW92

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: HMD60U

Humidity Transmitter, 2-wire

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: HMD60T

Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: CTM-2000

Tension Meter

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: CTM-10000

Tension Meter


Model: PRL-100  (L – 150mm) (PRL-101 – L – 150)

(Length = 150mm)

Rotary paddle type level switch ; Power supply: AC200/220V

Flange: JIS5K65A (Aluminum); Paddle size: W-1 (80x80mm, SUS304)

Contact output: 1C SPDT (250V 5A)


Model: PRL-101  (L – 300mm) (PRL-101 – L – 300)

(Length = 300mm)

Rotary paddle type level switch ; Power supply: AC200/220V

Flange:JIS5K65A (Aluminum) ; Paddle size: W-1 (80x80mm, SUS304)

Contact output: 1C SPDT (250V 5A)

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DT-315N

Digital display LED with integrated accumulator and recharger

Technoelectric Vietnam

Model: 150128MS

Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam


MI3 series IR thermometer I/O box with USB 2.0 communications

Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam


-40 to 600°C (-40 to 1112°F), 8 - 14 µm, 10:1, 130 msec. Included 3m (9.8') preinstalled cable (instead of standard 1m cable)

Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam


Air cooling and purging system with 2.8m (9.2') insulated air hose.  For use in ambient temperatures <200°C (<392°F). Not compatible with MI3LTH.

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RHM0145MP021S1G8100

Temposonics R-Serie

Balluff Vietnam


BTL5-H112-M0300-P-SA229-KA05 Linear Transducer

Balluff Vietnam


BTL7-E170-M0075-B-S32 Magnetostrictive Sensors

Balluff Vietnam


BKS-S 33M-TF-05 Linear Sensor

Balluff Vietnam


BTL-P-1012-4R Mechanical Accessories

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: HMD60 A1A1A1A2N0

Humidity and Temperature Duct Transmitter

Probe Length Standard (25 cm) ; 4...20 mA (Loop powered)

RH (0...100%) T (-20...+80°C)


Humicap R2

Stainless Steel Grid

Conduit Fitting NPT1/2"

Plugged, M20x1.5