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Specifications – 1794-IB32

Number of inputs 32, current, sinking

Recommended terminal base unit 1794-TB32, 1794-TB32S, 1794-TB62DS, 1794-TB62EXD4X15

On-state voltage, min 19.2V DC

On-state voltage, nom 24V DC

On-state voltage, max 31.2V DC

On-state current, min 2.0 mA

On-state current, nom 4.1 mA @ 24V DC

On-state current, max 6.0 mA

Off-state voltage, max 5.0V DC

Off-state current, max 1.5 mA

Nominal input impedance 22.2 kΩ

Isolation voltage 50V (continuous), Basic Insulation Type Type tested @ 2121V DC for 2 s, between field side and system No isolation between individual channels FlexBus current 25 mA @ 5V DC

Power dissipation, max 6.0 W @ 31.2V DC

Thermal dissipation, max 20.47 BTU/hr @ 31.2V DC

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