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Typical applications

The DTR340R is a diode array detector. In association with the EMR-C LED light emitter (model EMR-C-400, EMR-C-800 or EMR-C-1200), it is able to detect the weld hole made in order to locate the linking weld between two strips.

General description

The Weld Hole Detector DTR340R consists of a lens, a linear diode array, and a processing unit.

The Emitter EMR-C consist of an array of high power red LED.


The DTR340R Weld Hole Detector has been designed for heavy industry with:

Adjustable mounting stand (2 axes). In case the sensor needs to be replaced, it can be easily dismounted from the stand, thus keeping the alignment.

Protective hood.

Control panel beneath a hinged cover at rear.


The DTR340R sensor detects the light emitted by an EMR-C through the weld hole. Receiver and emitter are fixed perpendicular to the line axis in order to take the lateral deviation of the strip into account.

The following conditions have to be held for a proper detection:

The receiver’s field of view and the light emission of the emitter should completely cover the lateral position of the hole.

The emitter should cover the field of view of the receiver.

The minimum hole diameter depending on the line speed is defined in the graph below.


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