Handheld force gauge DST-50N Hans-Schmidt/Imada, Hans-Schmidt/Imada Đại Lý Việt Nam.

Hans-Schmidt/Imada Vietnam​. Nhà cung cấp Anh Nghi Sơn - ANS Viet Nam.

Cung cấp tất cả máy móc, thiết bị của Hans-Schmidt/Imada.

Model DST
Accuracy ±0.2%F.S 1digit
Unit N(mN,kN) , kg(g), lbf (*1)
Display Signed 4-digit LCD
Sampling rate Max. 1000 data / sec (1000Hz)
Battery Approx.30 hours (when back light is off) Approx. 14 hours (when back light is on) (*needs 4.5 hours for full charge)
Overload Approx. 200%F.S.
Power Nickel-Metal Hydride battery (NiMH battery), USB charge (PC, mobile battery, AC adapter)
Operating environment Temperature:0 – 40℃ Humidity:20 – 80%RH
Function Peak hold(Tensile or compression)/Comparator(OK Judgement)/Sensitivity(3 steps)/Reversible display /Sign inversion/Setting lock/Date & Time/Off timer (Auto power-off)/Reminder for calibration schedule/Overload alarm
Output USB/RS232C
Overload alarm Alarm to notify “near-overload state”: Approx.90%F.S. (Alarm sound) Alarm to notify “overloaded state”: Approx.110%F.S. (Alarm sound/Indication blinking)
Weight Approx.460g (*2)
Dimensions Refer to Dimensions below.
Accessory Force Logger(Data capturing software)/USB cable/ ACAdapter/Attachment(*3)/Carrying case/Instruction manual/Inspection certificate

*1  These are the specifications for International model. Note that the available units are different from Japanese domestic model and international one. kN is available at 1000N, mN and gf is available at 2N and 5N ranges.
*2  The weight is slightly different by the models.
*3  For further information, refer to “Accessory attachments” in “Models for DSV series force gauges” below.


Models for DST series digital force gauge

Model Capacity Display Resolution Thread Accessory attachments
DST-2N 2N 2.000N 0.001N M6 A1-A6
DST-5N 5N 5.000N 0.001N
DST-20N 20N 20.00N 0.01N
DST-50N 50N 50.00N 0.01N
DST-200N 200N 200.0N 0.1N S1-S6
DST-500N 500N 500.0N 0.1N
DST-1000N 1000N 1000N 1N SR1-S6




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