MGate 5105-MB-EIP Moxa Viet Nam, MGate 5105-MB-EIP MGate Moxa Viet Nam, Moxa Đại Lý Việt Nam.

Moxa Vietnam​. Nhà cung cấp Anh Nghi Sơn - ANS Viet Nam.

Cung cấp tất cả máy móc, thiết bị của Moxa.


Features and Benefits

  •  Connects fieldbus data to cloud through generic MQTT
  •  Supports MQTT connection with built-in device SDKs to Azure/Alibaba Cloud
  •  Protocol conversion between Modbus and EtherNet/IP
  •  Supports EtherNet/IP Scanner/Adapter
  •  Supports Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP master/client and slave/server
  •  Supports MQTT connection with TLS and certificate in JSON and Raw data format
  •  Embedded traffic monitoring/diagnostic information for easy troubleshooting and cloud data transmission for cost evaluation and analysis
  •  microSD card for configuration backup/duplication and event logs, and data buffering when cloud connection is lost
  •  -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature models available
  •  Serial port with 2 kV isolation protection
  •  Security features based on IEC 62443

Liên hệ: Nguyễn Chí Hải

Sdt: 0398991575