Pressure Gauge Tempress (đồng hồ đo áp suất Tempress)

Hãng Tempress VietNam. Nhà cung cấp Anh Nghi Sơn – ANS VietNam

Các dòng sản phẩm

DN 63 type A1001
DN 80 type A1002
DN 100 type A1003
DN 160 type A1004


Case material:


Front glass

Front ring

Steel, black enamelled

AISI 316

Tempered safety glass

AISI 316

Liquid filling Glycerine or Silicone
Connection Brass, steel or AISI 316
See datasheet 1-260GB
Measuring system Brass/bronze, steel or AISI 316
Measuring range:

Min span:

From – 1 bar through 1600 bar

1 bar

Accuracy Cl. 1.0 (± 1,0% FS)
DN63: Cl. 1,6 (±1,6FS)
Measuring units bar, Kpa, Mpa, Kp/cm3, Kg/cm2, lb/in2, psi, mH2O, mbar, “HG, cmHg.
When dual scale marking is selected, the main unit is the inner scale.
Dimensions Please refer to datasheet: 1-262GB
Ambient and media temperature Please refer to datasheet: 1-261GB

1 số dòng sản phẩm khác

Type A09 DN 100

Type A12 DN 100

Type A15 DN 100

Type A19 DN 100

Pressure gauge with diaphragm – 1½ Tri-Clamp ISO 2852 – Type A33

Pressure gauge with diaphragm seal -ISO 2852, 1 1/2 clamp – Type A45

Pressure gauge with fractional seal – Type A46

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