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Ứng dụng: Range of products for clean steam and industrial gases and fluids, designed for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industry.

  • DESCRIPTION The ADCA P-173 series direct acting, spring-loaded diaphragm sensing, pressure reducing valves are designed for use with clean steam, compressed air, water and other gases or liquids compatible with the construction materials.
  • MAIN FEATURES Compact in-line design. Completely machined from barstock material, no castings or forgings are used on the standard version. No rising stem.
  • STANDARD SURFACE FINISH Internal wetted parts: ≤ 0,51 micron Ra – SF1. External: ≤ 0,76 micron Ra – SF3. Other surface conditions see IS PV20.00-Technical information. Ultrasonic cleaning.
  • OPTIONS: Leakage line connection 1/8” (captured vent). Different soft valves for liquids and gases. Lock system, allows clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP) operations with valve in line. Gauge connection on body. With or without bottom drain connection.
  • USE: Clean steam, compressed air, water and other gases and liquids compatible with the construction.
  • SIZES: 1/2”, 2” ; DN32 – 50.
  • OUTLET SPRING RANGES: 0,8 – 1,5 bar; 1 – 3 bar; 1,5 – 5 bar.
  • CONNECTIONS: Sanitary clamps or others on request.
  • PACKAGING: Assembling and packaging in a clean room certified according to ISO 14644-1. The product is end capped and sealed with recyclable thermo-shrinkable plastic film to avoid contamination.
  • INSTALLATION: Horizontal installation.
  • ORDER REQUIREMENTS: Type of fluid. Maximum operating temperature. Inlet pressure and required outlet pressure Capacity (maximum and minimum).

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