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Cyclops 390L


Cyclops 390LThe Cyclops 390L is a dedicated high precision, portable infrared thermometer, designed for accurate measurement in gas or oil fired furnaces, in the temperature range 450 to 1400°C.

The unique features of the Cyclops 390L portable infrared thermometer make it the ideal instrument for accurate non contact temperature measurements in hydrocarbon-fuelled furnaces. Operating at a 3.9μm (a transmissive waveband), for hot targets, water vapour and CO2 are invisible.

Reformer Tubes are very expensive, periodic refractory checks can identify potential failure.
Where measurement errors due to hotter background are a problem, errors can be minimized using the Cyclops 390L FurnacePro.

100% UK Origin

Land Ametek Vietnam

Code: Cyclops 390L Temperature Sensor
 Temperature Measurement Range: 450 to 1400°C / 842 to 2552°F
 With Bluetooth & USB connectivity. Spectral response of 3.9µm
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100% UK Origin

Land Ametek Vietnam

Code: M1 600/1600C V Temperature Sensor
 600 to 1600°C 5mm target diameter at 500mm

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