WHD-D-21-024 Weld Hold Detector Logika Viet Nam, Weld Hold Detector WHD-D-21-024, Thiết bị phát hiện lỗ hàn WHD-D-21-024, Đại lý Logika Việt Nam

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Operating Principle

The Logika Weld Hole Detector is comprised of an emitter and a receiver mounted above and below a steel sheet line. The emitter produces modulated infrared light that is collimated by a series of lenses. Normally, the steel plate blocks all of the light so that nothing reaches the receiver. Wherever a seam is welded in the steel plate, a hole is also punched to mark the seam. When a marked seam reaches the detect zone, the receiver will “see” the light through this hole and set an output. 

Location and Mounting

Sensor Location The Logika WHD should not be installed above a significant heat source. Also avoid direct exposure to water vapor or excessive dust or smoke. The user may wish to improve the installation with heat shields or fans to dissipate the water vapor or smoke. Emitter and Receiver should be mounted as close as possible for receiver to get strongest infrared input signal. Maximum ambient temperature at the WHD is 70o C (158o F)

Sensor Mounting Installation- WHD comes with adjustable mounting brackets to align the emitter and receiver. Typically, the Emitter is mounted above the detect target with the lens facing down, the receiver is mounted underneath the target with the lens facing up, two lenses should be aligned properly by adjust the mounting brackets. Aiming- The emitter/receiver pair should be mounted so they are centered squarely across the product as it moves down the line.

Cable Specification 

Outer steel braid for mechanical protection.

Overall diameter of 9 mm. (0.35”)

Minimum bending radius of 30 mm. (1.18”)

Each conductor is color-coded and numerically tagged.

Conductors are terminated with ferrules 


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