Pico Oscilloscope Range

PicoScope 2000 Series
USB oscilloscopes & mixed signal oscilloscopes
PicoScope® 3000 Series PC Oscilloscopes & Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
PicoScope® 4000 Series high resolution oscilloscopes PicoScope 4224 & 4424
PicoScope 4262
PicoScope 4824
 PicoScope 3425
PicoScope® 5000 Series Flexible Resolution USB Oscilloscope
PicoScope® 6000 Series USB digital oscilloscopes Deep-memory high-performance USB scopes 
PicoScope 6407 high-speed digitizer 
PicoScope 9000 Series sampling oscilloscopes PicoScope 9200 series (Microwave test & sub-picosecond timing without high cost),
 PicoScope 9300 Series (20 GHz sampling oscilloscope with TDR, CDR and optical options )
 Sampling oscilloscopes
PicoScope 9000 Series sampling oscilloscopes PicoScope 9200 Series (Microwave test & sub-picosecond timing without high cost)
 PicoScope 9300 Series (20 GHz sampling oscilloscope with TDR, CDR and optical options)
Data Logger
PicoLog 1000 Series Multichannel data acquisition (DAQ)
ADC-20 and ADC-24 High-resolution data acquisition
Thermocouple Data Logger 8 channel thermocouple data logger
Platinum Resistance Data Logger
PT-104 Platinum Resistance Data Logger
DrDAQ Data logger, oscilloscope, signal generator and more!
PicoLog CM3 CM3 Current Data Logger
Passive oscilloscope probes from 60 MHz to 9 GHz Standard passive probes
High bandwidth / low impedance
Active oscilloscope probes High bandwidth active probes
High voltage active differential probes
RF, microwave and gigabit probes and test accessories 5 GHz low capacitance passive oscilloscope probes
PicoConnect gigabit digital passive test probes
TETRIS® high-impedance active oscilloscope probes
RF Test accessories
RF Test accessories RF and Microwave Test Accessories
TDT / TDR and microwave power divider kits
Current probes (clamps) Current probes (clamps)
Accelerometers Accelerometers
Sensors (temperature, pH) Sensors (temperature, pH)
BNC terminators and leads BNC terminators and leads
Clips, leads and 4 mm probes Clips, leads and 4 mm probes
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Pulse Generators
PicoSource PG900 Series
USB differential picosecond pulse generators
Differential picosecond pulse generators
PG911 and PG914
PG912 and PG914
Automotive oscilloscopes PicoScope oscilloscope kits
For Vehicle Manufacturers For Vehicle Manufacturers
PicoScope Storage Solutions PicoScope Storage Solutions
PicoDiagnostics NVH kits Noise, vibration and balancing, 
Pressure sensors Pressure sensors
Home Products Current clamps
Current clamps
Breakout leads/boxes Breakout leads/boxes
Ignition accessories Ignition accessories
Clips and adaptors Clips and adaptors
Test leads Test leads
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Electric and hybrid vehicle Electric and hybrid vehicle
Automotive guided tests Automotive guided tests
Training Pico Automotive Diagnostic Training
Waveform Library PicoScope Waveform Library
Case studies Case studies
A to Z of PicoScope A to Z of PicoScope
Videos Videos - Training
Automotive Newsletter Newsletter November 2016
Documentation Documentation


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