Novotechnik Vietnam Model: TH1-1000-102-411-102
  Position Transducer
Jenco Instrument Vietnam Model: 6309PDTF
  pH&/DO controller
Jenco Instrument Vietnam Model: Oxysens120 DO
  Electrode with 5m cable
HMS/Anybus Vietnam Model: AB7694-F
  Anybus X-gateway CC-Link Slave-EtherCAT Slave
HMS/Anybus Vietnam Model: AB7961-F
  Anybus X-gateway CC-Link IE Field Network Slave EtherCAT Slave
NAFFCO Vietnam Fire fighting hydraulic platform 32 Meters
  Built on MAN TGM 18.290
  4x2 Chasis, Single Cabin, Body Fabrication, Electrical System, Painting and Accessories as per attached Technical specification and drawing ref #NV-18.18.0048-1 Rev0
NAFFCO Vietnam Municipal fire fighting vehicle ( NFM-40/4-SC)
  Built on MAN TGL 12.180
  4x2 Chasis, Single Cabin, water tank 4000L, Foam Tank 400 Liters, Fire pump, Roof Monitor, Around the pump Foam Proportioning system, water/ Foam hose reel , Electrical System, Body Fabrication, Painting and Accessories as per attached Technical specification and drawing ref #NV-18.11.0048-2 Rev0
Ziehl-Abegg Vietnam Model: FN050-VDK.4I.V7P1
  No: 140056
  Axial fan with flared wings and short nozzle wire lattice (cold)
Ixxat/HMS Vietnam Part No.: 020570-B
  1SI CANopen for ET200S0
SSM-EOM BTSR Vietnam Code: 3861099103
  Cable BTSR 3 ply
SSM-EOM BTSR Vietnam Code: ET3615209701
  Yarn sensor IS3W-TSSL9-B2
Unitronics Vietnam Model: V120-22-T2C
  12/24VDC, 10 Digial Inputs, 12 Transistor Outputs, 2 Digital/Analog Inputs, RS232/485 x 2
Infineon Vietnam Model: FF1400R12IP4
NB Vietnam Model: NV-4160-23Z
SECOM Vietnam Code: 110767R1603
  Power Unit
  Type: SDF-10-610K-690+DA+FU+PS+AF3 830kVA, 690VAC
INFINEON Vietnam Model: FF300R12KE4
INFINEON Vietnam Model: FF900R12IP4
INFINEON Vietnam Model: FF1400R12IP4
Keyence Vietnam Model: FS-N11N
Keyence Vietnam Model: CZ-H32
  Reflective Sensor Head
Keyence Vietnam Model: OP-88029
Keyence Vietnam Model: FU-66
  Reflective Fiber Unit
Keyence Vietnam Model: EV-108M
Keyence Vietnam Model: PZ-G51N
Keyence Vietnam Model: PZ-G101N
Keyence Vietnam Model: MU-N11
Keyence Vietnam Model: C2V21A
Keyence Vietnam Replaced by: GL-R16H
  (SL-C16H-R) Sensor Note: recheck code khi order
Keyence Vietnam Replaced by: GL-T11R
  (SL-R11E) Safety Relay Terminal Note: recheck code khi order
Keyence Vietnam Model: AP-31
Keyence Vietnam Model: CA-DRR8M
  Red Round Multi-angle Light
Keyence Vietnam Model: CA-DBR5
  Red Bar Light
Keyence Vietnam Model: FU-53TZ
Towa Seiden Vietnam Model: TSA-A1SA-060
  Capacitance type level sensor ; Power supplication: AC100/200V
  Con. Size: R1 ; Low sensitivity
TAKEX Vietnam Model: SWD55L
TAKEX Vietnam Model: SWD55R
TAKEX Vietnam Model: SWD55B
SICK Vietnam Code: 1058977
Seilieco Vietnam Model: SRS-1260ST
  Rapid Dry
SKF Vietnam Model: TKSA-51D2
  SKF Shaft Alignment System
W+S Meßsysteme Vietnam Model: IH581.1400R63.01024.SSD2
  Encoder Incremental
  * Housing: 58 mm ; * Hollow Shaft: 14 H7 mm
  * Connector: 2 m Cable ; * Connection Location: Radial
  * Output Signal: A+B+Z + A\+B\+Z\ ; * Output: Push-Pull
  * Supply Voltage: 4.75 to 30 VDC; * Pulses / Rev.: 1024
  Special Option SSD2:
  * Shield on ground ; * Operating temperature up to 100 °C
  * Frequency max. 300 kHz
  * Tether (2.69.0801) mounted on back side ; 12 o´clock
Smart-Measurement Vietnam Model: ALVT-1-4-25-D-1-2-0-N-1-NNN
  Fluid name : Steam ; Flow rate : 21.2-105.9m3/hr
  Line size : DN25 ; Temperature  ( C ) : Please advise
  Density : Please advise ; Pressure (Barg) : Please advise
Robatech Vietnam Part No.: 145665
  Type : Concept A 12/8 Adhesive Melters
Veris Vietnam Model: H608
  (Current Sensor,175A,Split-Core,Adj,N.O.)
TOYO Vietnam Model: TDOU-33
  Voltage Relay
TOYO Vietnam Model: TDOG-31
  Digital Over Current Relay
KNF Vietnam N 87 TTE Ex , 100V 50/60Hz
  CHEMICALLY RESISTANT emission measurement PUMP according TO ATEX / iecex
VIPA Vietnam Model: 234-1BD50
  Analog input/output
Pacific Controls Vietnam Model: PFA-580A-2P
  Sensing room temperature
Panasonic Vietnam Model: KX-TDA620
  BUS-S card
Panasonic Vietnam Model: KX-TDA6110
  BUS-M card
Panasonic Vietnam Replaced by: KX-TDA6382
  (KX-TDA6181) Loop Start Trunk Card Note: recheck code khi order
Panasonic Vietnam Model: KX-TDA0290
  Primary Rate Interface Card
Panasonic Vietnam Model: KX-TDA0181
  Loop Start Trunk Card
Panasonic Vietnam Model: KX-TVM200
  Voice Processing System
Nisho Vietnam Model: NH-Y-6002-A
  Programmable Control Automatic Strip Cutting machine
Nisho Vietnam Model: NH-Y-5002-As
  Semi-Automatic Digital Control Strip Cutting Machine
REXA Vietnam Part No.: R2381-K99083-X2-1/2D240
  0.5 D Driver ; Software included
  (replaced for model SMB9215-1E-1-6669 was obsoleted)
REXA Vietnam Part No.: R2381-K07983
  6" Potnetiometer
Helios Ventilatoren Vietnam Small-room ventilator
  Ref. 05949: MBD 400/2/2 TK
Leine & Linde Vietnam Code: 750724-11
  Encoder 861108556-5000 CG (/)16hs 9-30Vdc HCHTL
Parker Vietnam Replaced by: D41FCB32BC2VS70