1756-L75 ControlLogix and GuardLogix Controllers, 1756-L75 Allen Bradley Vietnam, Controllers 1756-L75, Đại lý Allen Bradley Việt Nam

Allen Bradley. Nhà cung cấp Anh Nghi Sơn - ANS Viet Nam

Cung cấp tất cả máy móc, thiết bị của Allen Bradley


Controller tasks 32 tasks • 100 programs/task • Event tasks: all event triggers

Built-in communication ports 1 port USB

Communication options • EtherNet/IP • ControlNet • DeviceNet • Data Highway Plus • Remote I/O • SynchLink • Third-party process and device networks

USB port communication Programming, configuration, firmware update, and on-line edits only

Controller connections supported, max 500

Network connections, per network module 100 ControlNet (1756-CN2/A) • 40 ControlNet (1756-CNB/D, 1756-CNB/E) • 128 ControlNet (1756-CN2/B) • 256 EtherNet/IP; 128 TCP (1756-EN2x) • 128 EtherNet/IP; 64 TCP (1756-ENBT)

Controller redundancy Full support 

Integrated motion SERCOS interface • Analog options (encoder input, LDT input, SSI input) • Integrated Motion on the EtherNet/IP network

Programming languages Relay Ladder • Structured Text • Function Block Diagram • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

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