Đại lý Somas Vietnam,BALLSEGMENT VALVE KVTW-A6-AJA-B12-DN25-D15-B01 Somas Vietnam

Datasheet Ball segment valve Type KVTW-A/KVXW-A Nominal pressure Nominal size • Control and shut-off valve • High capacity • One-piece shaft gives torque transmission free of backlash • Excellent tightness irrespective of differential pressure • Easy maintenance Wafer design Standard face to face dimension PN 40/25/20/16/10 PN 25/20/16/10 PN 20/16/10 DN 25 - 65 DN 80 - 100 DN 150 - 250 The SOMAS ball segment valve type KVTW with a centrically mounted shaft, and KVXW with an eccentrically mounted shaft are of wafer design. The valve called the A-version is manufactured in standard face to face dimensions common in certain markets. The valve is also manufactured in D-type version with a short face to face dimension. The valve body is in one piece. Shaft device is also in one piece for torque transmission free of backlash. The spring-loaded seat is available in three alternative materials (PTFE, PTFE 53 and HiCo [High Cobalt Alloy]). The valves can be used for control, as well as for shut-off applications on practically every type of media within a wide temperature range. Choose KVTW for liquids, media containing impurities etc. For dry and clean media choose KVXW. In the KVXW-valve the ball segment is eccentrically mounted and rotates out from the seat when the valve is opened. This reduces the wear on seat and segment. Low noise trim is available as an option on DN50 to DN250. The designation “LN” indicates that the ball segment is equipped with a network of bars that are used to split up the pressure drop across the valve. This results in less pressure recovery, thereby reducing the noise and potential damage due to cavitation. Note! Capacity factors will be reduced for valves with LN-trim. Ball segment DN50 to DN250 with V-groove is available for use at high fiber concentrations. The V-groove design prevents dewatering at small opening angles. The SOMAS valves are delivered ready for installation and operation. The valve assemblies are delivered factory tested as complete units with actuators, positioners and accessories.

100% Sweden Origin

Somas Vietnam

 TYPE: KVTW-A6-AJA-B12-DN25-D15-B01
 ART. NO.: 51084-01

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